Daytime growth marketer, weekend builder & maker.

Currently building HMBradley living in Seattle, WA. I'm keen on building growth at scale within product-focused marketing and product teams. I dabble in interface design, user experience, conversion optimization, and product-led growth.

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I'm a Growth Marketer with a strong revenue and mission focus that knows product. For the past 10 years, I have been working on projects covering B2C and B2B Growth. I have a passion for projects requiring efficient tracking with differentiating digital experiences to deliver a strong ROI. I thrive when driving mixed marketing creative and engineering teams with a focus in product led growth. Always creatively driven, I spend my off time building stuff, sailing around the sound, and fixing old engines.

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Current Growth, HMBradley Advisor, Irelo


Growth Consultant, Abstract Growth Consultant, Plume Sr Manager, Growth, Fastly Head of Growth, Irelo Product/Digital Marketing, Porch

Education Bachelor of Science in Management Science, Santa Clara University Bachelor of Arts in Interface Research & Design, Santa Clara University

Certifications Experimentation & Testing, Reforge SQL Bootcamp, Udemy Javascript Jumpstart, Full Stack Academy User Experience, UX/UI Design Lab Google Adwords & Analytics, Google Account Managers Linkedin Ad Campaigns, Linkedin Campaign Managers CSM & PMP, Scrum Alliance

Skills Competitive research, Experimentation programs, Hypothesis building, Pipeline generation, Lead distribution & routing, Martech stack management, Automated paid acquisition, Automated demand generation, SEO, Conversion rate optimization, Virality, Growth loops, Conversational marketing


Design, UX, growth toolbox.

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